Every time I came away from being in a session with Marie I felt whole. Marie has played a pivotal role in gently turning my attention towards myself by meeting me with so much warmth and consistency. She holds a solid ground from which to grow from and land on creating a safe place to be heard in. It was a rare experience for me to feel so held and met. The best thing I ever did was to choose her as my therapist. It feels like she's brought me back to me.
Female Artist and Carer.

I came to see Mare a few years ago when having difficulty in a long term relationship. Marie has given great empathy and understanding with regards to domestic abuse and as a recent single parent. By encouraging me to have the confidence in joining a course, which I always wanted to qualify in, I have managed to build a new career. My children and I are now able to move forwards with a brighter future, and we will always be very thankful for the help and support that Marie has given.
Single Mum and Designer

For anyone who is considering counselling / therapy I would like to recommend Marie Howard, whether this is your first time or not, Marie has a very gentle, harmonious and pragmatic approach which certainly put me at ease from the very first visit. I had not had counselling at any point in my life, yet somehow knew the time was right, it feels that you know when you are in need of a private space to talk freely and share worries, concerns and problems with someone who is removed emotionally from all that goes on in your life.

A relationship was quickly established with Marie thanks to her calm and person focused manner of working. I found the time spent working through issues with Marie was enjoyable and gave me a much needed space to off load my worries about my emotions and the stresses of being a carer for a family member. Marie's interaction and suggestions gave me a much needed affirmation that time to myself was very important and that my busy working life and caring responsibilities should not prevent me from getting in touch with my own needs for time and privacy - just to be.... I was under the impression that counselling may be a time for tears and unpleasant feelings, but found to my amazement that Marie's sense of humour shone through each time we met and the laughter in the beautiful surroundings gave me a much needed sense of relief and a way to let go of some of my inner stress.

Thank you Marie for helping me through a very difficult time and making sense of life's strange and wonderful experiences.
Female Carer and Social Worker.

Marie has helped me through a strange time in my life where I started to doubt myself . She helped to pick me up mentally after a bad accident in which I suffered trauma. After therapy and help of kind words and professional help I feel a much more positive and happy person again . Thank you Marie
Male in 40's, business man.