How long will I need?

After we have met for a first “getting-to-know-each-other” Introductory session, I will suggest we make a commitment to have 6 weekly sessions together. This allows me to understand more about what is going on for you and for you to start feeling supported. On the 6th session we will have an informal review, where we decide if it feels right to continue.  This can then be in an open-ended way, with ongoing reviews when appropriate.

It is up to you how many sessions you have. I work with people on a weekly or twice weekly basis. I do not offer fortnightly sessions. I have found that people often want to work with me for some months, as they find it very beneficial and can see change happening.

Having longer term therapy can allow deeper work to take place, that may include exploring the impact of childhood experiences, life patterns and trauma in a paced way.

In longer term work, it is very common to discover that an inner sense of well-being has been covered up by the need to close-down, due to the impact of difficulties and disappointments that have been met in life. This may mean that you have found yourself repeating unfulfilling patterns, and perhaps feel stuck in some way. Our work together may then focus on acknowledging some of the self-protective patterns and beliefs you have about yourself, which may now restrict your connection to a fuller sense of yourself.