What it's like working with me

I approach therapy by intentionally not trying to be 'the expert', but by working alongside you. I would seek to support and empower you, as you reconnect to your own confidence, knowledge, and awareness.  Counselling offers a special relationship that is private and professional. It’s a time when you can talk openly and feel encouragement and welcome.

I believe that our emotions (how we feel) are one of the most valuable tools that we have. I will enable you to recognize and understand your emotions, and how they can provide crucial information about what you need and want in connection with others. This can support you to feel better and to thrive.

I will help you to “get out of your head” and to learn to read your body’s signs as a way to interpret emotions and therefore, connect with yourself and others more fully.

This process of connecting to yourself and listening inwardly can be helpful in many ways. It can support you to make clearer decisions in your life and allow you to reconnect to a truer sense of who you are and what you need. This is often called 'mindfulness' and is recognised within the NHS and stress treatment programs around the world, as significantly contributing to improved mental health.

Stress is a factor effecting so may people nowadays. I will help you to learn about how stress affects you, the biological processes of stress and how to reduce your tendency to feel stressed – a potential cause of unhappiness.

I can enable you to explore how your self-identity and issues in your life and relationships may be being influenced unconsciously, by your past childhood experiences and your early, formative relationships with parents and siblings . Greater awareness of this can help choices in how you relate and what you need in your personal and work life. This can offer a new perspective, as we work to change limiting patterns and beliefs.