How to start counselling with me

You may feel nervous about contacting me, but please don’t worry - I want to help you find the support you need. I do understand that making contact may feel like a big first step and it's possible you may have put it off for a while or need to build up to it.

You are very welcome to be in touch with me by email or phone.

When you get in touch you can also ask me any questions you’d like answered and I'll ask you some initial questions about yourself. It's helpful if you can let me know briefly why you are considering support and when you could potentially come in the week for regular sessions, e.g. the possible days and time. Seeing when we are both potentially free, is an important thing to consider early on. Then we can decide if meeting up in person is our next step. This would be for a FREE Introductory Session.

About the Free Introductory Session.

From your side of things, I hope that a free Introductory session will help you to form an opinion of whether I could be the right therapist for you and you’ll also see my room and its location.   This Introductory session lasts for approximately 45 mins and gives us the opportunity to talk through the possibility of working together in more detail.

It allows me to understand your needs and issues more thoroughly and to see if my approach is appropriate for you.  I don’t want you to feel pressurised to decide there and then, but for some people it’s right to book up and start as soon as possible!